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social studies grade 10

This week I am having a closer look at the Social Studies grade 10 curriculum. In our Multiliteracies class we had a workshop last week in the digital scholarship commons and learned how to use canva. Potentially, it is a better tool to create mindmaps and therefore I am using canva this week for my ideas on the SS Gr. 10 BC curriculum.

In order to dive deeper into the material, I would like to use the opportunity to create a lesson plan on ideologies. Ideologies fall under “Government, First Peoples governance, political institutions, and ideologies.”

Lesson Plan for an 80 min. Class on Ideologies


Video of Tucker Carlson, students have to identify terms linked to ideologies, Is Tucker Carlson using the correct terms? What are the definitions of those terms?

Kahoot: Test students’ understanding of ideology terms.


  • Mind Map of ideologies and sub-ideologies
  • PPP: One slide per ideology for definition, ask students to link ideology to a country 


  • Have 10 examples of scenarios, students have to identify and argue why this statement/ scenario supports a certain ideology
  • Assign a scenario to two students
  • Other students have to observe students that argue and assign a winner of the debate 

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