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Rich’s presentation

Last class Rich McCue from the Digital Scholarship Commons introduced us to OpenShot, iMovie, Podcasting, and H5P Interactive Content. I found this class very helpful and engaging. For our Multiliteracies course we had to create a video about how we found our path to teaching and the PDP. I believed that I was finished with my video last Tuesday, but Rich showed us how to improve our videos and I learned how to use a green screen, audio transitions, visual transitions, how to detach audio, and screen recording. This made my video look smoother and more complete.

My Learning Pod decided to create a podcast for our group inquiry project. We are really grateful that Rich equipped us with information on how to make a podcast. We will be contacting a few schools in Victoria that implemented policies on cell phone use in the classroom. Our goal is to record our interviews on Zoom.

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

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