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Political studies 12

In this post, I am going to explore the grade 12 Political Studies curriculum.

Structure and Function of Canadian and First Peoples Political Institutions

The structure and function of First Peoples political institutions interest me in particular. What are the steps towards indigenous self-governance? What steps have the territories in Canada taken towards self-governance and independence?

Here are a few resources I would like to explore:

Here is an interesting blog with lots of useful resources and training opportunities.

Election Processes and Electoral Systems

  • Electoral Systems:
    • single-member plurality (first past the post)
    • proportional representation systems
    • single transferable vote
    • majoritarian
    • consensus-model elections in Nunavut and Northwest Territories

Methods Used by Media, Governments, or Political Groups to Influence Public Opinion

  • lobbying
  • media campaigns
  • propaganda
  • awareness or information campaigns
  • public consultation

Techniques to teach propaganda.

Media campaign on World Water day.

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