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In our Technology and Innovation class I feel like I am learning new things non-stop and it is rather challenging to absorb and internalize all the information. However, I am convinced that tasks and concepts are becoming more clear and I am on a good path of applying all the new tools.

This week I learned about fair dealing, open educational resources (OER), and Creative Commons (CC). These tools are very useful. Knowing myself, I would have broken all the laws creating content for lessons, because I had no idea about most copyright laws.

The Open Educational Resources Tutorial from OER Africa gave me insight on the terminology (i.e. Open Courseware, Massive Open Online Courses, Open Access, Open Data) around OER and it showed me how to access photos, videos, music, artwork, and clipart. Access to OER on google, creative commons, youtube, flickr, clipart, unsplash, and pexels has become easier and more understandable to me.

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