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Reflection on Distributed Learning

Face-to-Face Learning Vs. Distance Education

Last week we discussed the pros and cons of Face-to-Face Learning and Distance Education. Since we are all back in the classroom this school year we have a blended version of both in our Ed Tech class. I believed that I was in favour of Face-to-Face Learning no matter what. However, I my perception changed this week. Having the opportunity to see our guest speaker Tracy (from the BCEdAccess Society) made me realize that it is way less stressful to commute to school. I would love to see a blend of both strategies in the future.

Mad Tea

Moreover, we learned about the mad tea activity to foster student engagement in the classroom. It shows that if the teacher finds the right questions everyone gets to talk (outer circle, inner circle activity) and everyone is included.

Jennifer Gonzales “The Cult of Pedagogy”

Cult of Pedagogy is a Podcast that many instructors in the program have recommended. I have listened to many episodes and accessed rubrics such as the single-point rubric on Jennifer Gonzales’ homepage.

Asynchronus Activity Vs. Synchronous Activity

Asynchronous activities are when teacher and learners engage with course content at different times often from different locations. The teacher provides learners with a sequence of learning activities that students complete on their own time. Examples for asynchronous activities are: Brightspace, microsoft teams, and google classroom. Synchronous activities are when the teacher and learners engage with the course content at the same time. Examples for synchronous activities are labs, classroom in person, video conferencing, blackboard collaboration, zoom, lectures, teams (in classroom mode), second life, and gather town (video game version). Tools that allow both synchronous and asynchronous instruction include mattermost and messenger services.

Highlighting Digital Texts 

  • annotate research 
  • weblinks
  • free and open source 


  • people in the classroom and people outside the classroom at the same time 


  • massive open online courses 

Social Learning Communities 

  • Reddit 
  • Twitter
  • Discord 

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